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 There’s no question about it, this month’s Faithbox is making a significant impact all around the world! Because of your subscription, this month’s Faithbox is able to assist military veterans and their families in Texas during their time of need and also provide a steady and stable income for female artisans in Mexico. Not only that, but the inclusion of this month’s book helps facilitate the work of a writing and podcasting ministry that’s empowering women to live lives of significance across the United States!

The Significance Faithbox includes:

  • Our custom-written, 31-day Everyday Faith Devotional
  • A Little Goes a Long Way by Rachael Adams
  • 2023 Weekly Planner by Broadstreet Publishing
  • Sophia Woodcut Barrette by Matr Boomie
  • gift card by Vi Bella Jewelry 
  • Custom 5"x7" Art Designs from Inspired Inks by Madeline
  • Impact Guide Booklet sharing the story and impact behind each of these products