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FAMILY Faithbox Curated by Steven Curtis Chapman. As Christians, we believe in the inherent dignity of every individual. Made in God's image, we believe that dignity-the preciousness of our individuality- should...

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FAMILY Faithbox Curated by Steven Curtis Chapman.

As Christians, we believe in the inherent dignity of every individual. Made in God's image, we believe that dignity-the preciousness of our individuality- should be acknowledged and affirmed. For many of us, this has been affirmed though the nurture and connectedness of a loving family. For countless others, the space that should have been occupied by a loving family has been replaced by disruption and loss.

Still, there is hope. As Jeremiah 29:11 reminds us, "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a better future and a hope." The body of Christ-the corporate body of believers-is an expression of family and belonging for so many worldwide. 

As you reflect on the theme of "family," how God has ordained it to be the very genesis of expressing belonging, it is our prayer that this month you will remember the inherent dignity YOU have been given by your Creator. And in that, you would find great hope!

What's in the FAMILY Faithbox Curated by Steven Curtis Chapman:

Between Heaven and the Real World

Steven Curtis Chapman

For decades, Steven Curtis Chapman's music and message have brought hope and inspiration to millions around the world. Now, for the first time, Steven openly shares the experiences that have shaped him, his faith, and his music in a life that has included incredible highs and faith-shaking lows.

Readers will be captivated by this exclusive look into Steven's childhood and challenging family dynamic growing up, how that led to music and early days on the road, his wild ride to the top of the charts, his relationship with his wife, Mary Beth, and the growth of their family through birth and adoption. In addition to inside stories from his days of youth to his notable career—including the background to some of his best-loved songs—readers will walk with Steven down the devastating road of loss after the tragic death of 5-year-old daughter, Maria. And they'll experience his return to the stage after doubting he could ever sing again due to their devastating loss.

Poignant, gut-wrenchingly honest, yet always hopeful, Steven offers no sugary solutions to life's toughest questions. Yet out of the brokenness, he continues to trust God to one day fix what is unfixable in this life. We hope this inside look at Steven’s life will touch your life and fill your heart with hope.

SCC SOLO: Live From Muscle Shoals

Steven Curtis Chapman

In the process of writing his book, “Between Heaven and the Real World,” Steven was struck with the power and the importance of remembering as he retraced the steps of his life’s journey. Writing his memoir was so impactful for him personally that he decided to take the idea on the road, and from that birthed “SCC SOLO: A Night of Hits, History and Influences,” a tour that is now on its third season. SCC SOLO is an intimate night of song and storytelling.

The “SCC SOLO: Live from Muscle Shoals” CD brings the show to you. Experience the tour in the comfort of your own home, sing along to your favorite hit songs from Steven Curtis Chapman, and be inspired and encouraged by Steven’s storytelling. This exclusive CD is not sold in stores and is currently only available for purchase at SCC SOLO events. As a Faithbox member, you now have access to this exclusive resource as well!

Aid Through Trade Roll On Bracelet

This handmade Roll-On was Ethically Crafted for you by one of our beloved Nepali artisans. Your purchase directly empowers this woman to create a life she is proud of, through a sustainable job she loves. Aid Through Trade is one of the world's leaders in bringing Fair Trade to the fashion world through jewelry design. Since its founding in 1993, they have empowered over 2,000 female artisans in Nepal, India through dignify work and fair wage compensation.

Show Hope Christmas Ornament

Handmade Studio TN

Exclusively made for Faithbox, the Show Hope Christmas ornament was handcrafted in the Chapmans’ hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. Handmade Studio TN creates modern and functional ceramics for the table and home. Each vessel is handcrafted in their Nashville studio. Their love for hand-building items brings a unique admiration for the Creator and his ability to make beautiful things out of dust. Each piece is a useful object that has been carefully created with love. Handmade Studio TN offers simple, beautiful, imperfect vessels to accompany you in your home.

Today, Handmade Studio works out of a collaborative work space where they are able to partner with, and empower, other local artists, designers, and creatives. They also offer workshops to help teach skills like pottery and floral design, among other things.

What if every child had a family?

Special Donation to Show Hope

The story of Show Hope started with an 11-year-old girl experiencing something in Haiti that changed her world. When Emily Chapman Richards and her mom, Mary Beth Chapman, visited Haiti on a short-term trip, Emily met children just like her, except they were living without the love and security of a family. She knew she and her family had to do something.

After much prayer and consideration, the Chapman family felt led to grow their family through adoption—not once, but three times. In the course of several years, the Chapman family grew to include Shaohannah Hope, Stevey Joy, and Maria Sue.

The Chapmans desperately wanted to do something about the many waiting children still in need of loving families. Combining both the platform and resources they had been entrusted with, Mary Beth and Steven co-founded Show Hope in 2003 to begin raising awareness about the needs of children who had been orphaned. They sought to help families who had the heart to adopt but were without the means to do so.  

Committed to the holistic care of children who have been orphaned, Show Hope operates in four key areas: Adoption Aid, Care Centers, Pre+Post Adoption Support, and Student Initiatives.

Since its inception, Show Hope’s Adoption Aid grants have impacted more than 6,000 children from more than 60 countries, including the U.S. In addition, more than 2,600 waiting children with acute medical and special needs have received care through Show Hope’s Care Centers in China.

Through this work, countless individuals, students, families, and churches have been mobilized to care for orphans, and Show Hope’s efforts have helped thousands of children and families around the world.
The work of Show Hope is integral to the Chapman family’s story, and this month you too have become part of this life-changing work. Faithbox is donating a percentage of the proceeds from each Faithbox to the work of Show Hope. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of many waiting children and loving families around the world through your Faithbox membership.

Tracking Your Spiritual Progress

Spiritual Inventory

As you fill out each section, really think and pray through how God is challenging you and how you are growing. But don’t worry - this isn’t a test to see if you’re perfect. This Spiritual Inventory is designed to engage you creatively, thoughtfully, and in a fun way! Be encouraged by where you feel strong, and take note of where you can grow.

Impact guide  - This booklet is your guide to your monthly box. Each product is listed with details on how it relates to this month's theme and it's background story and  "do good" impact it provides to our world. 

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