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HelloBible Explorer (ages 5-10) - JESUS Feeds 5000


Danny the Donkey, takes our explorers to Galilee where Jesus was teaching many people. That evening everyone was hungry but there was not enough food. When a boy offered to share five loaves of bread and two fish, Jesus gave thanks and provided more than enough food for everyone. Explore with us! Remember to be faithful and to trust that Jesus provides for you, too.

Your box contains: 
    • Postcard from Danny the Donkey with the memory verse of the month
    • Story sticker
    • Arch book: “Hungry Mouths, Hungry Hearts”
    • Guideposts for parents with sharing questions, prayer ideas and family activities.
    • Art projects: The box includes all materials and instructions to create hands-on art projects.
      • Create a bread and fish bag: Make your own fish and bread stamps and decorate your bag. 
      • Craft a beautiful sign: “Jesus feeds five thousand”. 
    • Game activity: Make and play a cooperative game. Help each other to distribute loaves of bread and fish to the people.