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Faith Hope & Kindness Bundle

$72.06 $110.85


Faithfulness in the Bible is defined as, “steadfast, dedicated, dependable and worthy of trust.” And throughout the Scriptures we see faithfulness in four distinct ways: first, as an attribute of God. Second, as a characteristic some people have. Third, as a characteristic many people are lacking. And, fourth, as a fruit or gift given by the Holy Spirit to God’s people.

This month's Faithbox includes:

  • Our custom-written Everyday Faith Devotional
  • Chasing Vines book by Beth Moore
  • Stainless Steel Faith Bracelet by GoodWorks Make A Difference
  • Bible Study Tools from G.T. Luscombe
  • Bible Tabs by Elle Clare Gifts.

The Hope Faithbox dives into the theme of Hope to explore how this relevant – and necessary – aspect of faith transforms the way we go through life.

This Hope Faithbox is packed with items from Christian companies as well as U.S.-based small businesses that are all doing their best to spread positive messages, make an impact, and inspire hope in this world. Some of these companies have committed significant financial resources to support and invest in initiatives around the world to help children in need through feeding programs, education, and financial sponsorship.

Kindness Box 

In this month's box, we’re diving into the subject of Kindness and looking at what God says about becoming a Kind people. We’ll discover where kindness comes from, what it looks like to show kindness, what happens when we withhold it, and what happens when we extend kindness.  At times, it will feel simple and encouraging. And in other moments, it’ll feel confronting and challenging. But through it all, we’ll journey forward together to become a stronger, kinder community. We’re in this together!