To wonder is to be curious or amazed. It’s to marvel at or admire. It’s to live wide awake realizing that the future is wide open and there are no limits...


To wonder is to be curious or amazed. It’s to marvel at or admire. It’s to live wide awake realizing that the future is wide open and there are no limits on what could be.

As we journey forward together, we want to invite you to rediscover that childlike wonder you once had. Our hope is that this month reminds of you of what could be, and that your wonder will move you toward what will be.

This Box includes: 

A Heart ornament - by Others Trade for Hope, Salvation Army - 

Others is the entrepreneurial arm of The Salvation Army, empowering people through craftsmanship and artisanal work globally. By providing work for the poor and disadvantaged, Others offers them the opportunity to provide for themselves and their family members. The most important values at Others are those of connecting people across borders, and creating opportunities for others, simply called “Trade for Hope.”

Handmade by female artisans in Bangladesh, it takes a woman one hour to make the embroidered heart featured in this month’s Faithbox. Every year, over 300 women are engaged in production of this product in preparation for the Christmas holiday. Since Others started employing women in Bangladesh, over 1,200 women have been freed from human trafficking!

As these ornaments hang in your home this season, find joy in knowing that these hearts are making a significant impact in the lives of others around the world.

Handmade Copper Bell - 

Traditionally used by Indian farmers to identify their livestock, each bell is tuned to produce a distinctive chime. Made from recycled metals, artisans in the desert Kutch region of India manually cut and hammer the metal to hand-shape the bells, then coat them in powdered brass and copper before firing in kilns. Each rustic bell is then tuned to reveal a rich, unique sound like no other bell.

Due to consecutive droughts over the years, cattle breeders could no longer buy bells on a regular basis and the demand for traditional bell making was on the verge of dying. With the help of fair trade and mission-based organizations, like Matr Boomie, however, at least 1,000 village artisans are repositioning this art form and earning sustainable livelihoods by selling the bells internationally. Most artisans work from their homes on local or homemade furnaces. Conscious customers, fair trade practices and a new international platform now provide disadvantaged artisans with economic stability and a respectable social standing.

Tic Tac Toe Game in Bag -

This exclusive travel-size tic-tac-toe game from Matr Boomie is made from sustainably harvested Indian rosewood and was specifically designed for you and the rest of our Faithbox Community.

Crafted by hand, the traditional craft of woodcarving plays an important role for many artisan communities in small towns and agricultural villages in north central India. Each artisan uses hand tools to skillfully carve blocks of sustainably harvested wood into fine treasures. This art form requires mastery to create the intricate carving, filigree, and inlay work.

Take it on the road to help pass time in airports, or on drives, as you travel to visit new places. So gather the family around, and enjoy this classic game this holiday!

Strings of Christmas CD - by Michael W Smith - 
This CD is a unique collection of your Christmas favorites, performed by a string quartet in original arrangements, you’ll hear your favorite Christmas songs in a completely new way!. Co-produced by Michael W. Smith, this project was birthed out of a love for the holidays and a passion to write music in an original way.

Jesus Calling 

Sarah Young's best-selling brand: Jesus Calling. The Jesus Calling brand has sold over 25 million copies worldwide, but more importantly, it has impacted countless lives to hear the voice and the heart of our Savior.


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