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What makes a person bold? And what determines if a person has boldness?

Is it what they say? Or how they live? Are they born with boldness? Or is boldness something learned? And is it boldness if it comes easily?

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines boldness as “being fearless before danger.” That means that in order to be bold, there must be a sense of imminent danger or risk. But truth be told, most of us would much rather avoid any sort of danger or risk.

Yet throughout the Scriptures, we see that God’s people are to live with boldness in every season. So the question becomes: How? How can we live with boldness when it’s not our norm or what we would naturally aspire.

As we begin this month’s devotional, our hope is that we can help you understand how boldness originates with, and is grounded in, your relationship with God. We’ll look at examples from both the Old and New Testaments to learn how we can become bold. And we’ll see how boldness plays out in our prayers, our faith, and in our everyday lives.

And after 31 days, we’re hopeful that you won’t simply have a greater understanding of boldness as a concept, but that you will be well on your way to living boldly!

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