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Our boxes always Includes our impact guide to explain all items in the box plus our spiritual inventory card. Follow along with our 31 day  Everyday Faith Devotional based on JOY.  This...


Our boxes always Includes our impact guide to explain all items in the box plus our spiritual inventory card. Follow along with our 31 day  Everyday Faith Devotional based on JOY. 

This month's featured book is by Candace Payne, Laugh It Up!: Embrace Freedom and Experience Defiant Joy

Ubuntu: I am, because we are.

Reusable Coffee Sleeves

produced by Ubuntu Made 

Ubuntu Made is about empowering communities and creating jobs in Kenya. This name – Ubuntu – was chosen because it means “I am because we are.” It embodies the greatest core value and understanding that we are all connected. None of us can reach our full potential unless we are helping others reach theirs.

Ubuntu Made was formed to help empower Kenyan women not just by providing sustainable jobs, but by offering the opportunity to change and create their own lives. These coffee sleeves are uniquely designed, and hand-sewn to provide a reusable alternative to the traditional paper sleeve. Not only are you conserving energy and reducing waste while using one of these colorful sleeves, but you are telling the story of empowerment and transformation!

Ubuntu Made is committed to creating lasting changes in the communities they serve through a “mile deep, inch wide” approach to their work. Rather than making products and sourcing materials from various parts of the world, they focus their efforts on specific Kenyan communities creating full time jobs, including benefits like healthcare for their makers and their families. This is unheard of in Kenya, where only 10% of the country is under health coverage. This provides their makers with stability for their lives and their families. It also ensures that their customers are receiving great products that are creating a transparent good from the people who make them.


100% Fairtrade Chocolate, Co-Owned by Cocoa Farmers

Delicious chocolate that gives a voice in the global marktplace.

produced by Divine Chocolate

Founded in the Fall of 1998, Divine Chocolate was the first-ever fairtrade chocolate bar aimed at being sold on the mass market. A group of visionary Ghanese cocoa farmers experienced the injustices in the global cocoa market and realized they had an opportunity to gather other local farmers and form an alliance to sell sell premium cocoa from Ghana in a more efficient and ethical manner.

After forming together, the farmers decided to go beyond selling cocoa and produce their own chocolate bar that could be sold on a mass scale beginning in the U.K., then ultimately around the world and into your Faithbox! Divine Chocolate is both delicious and delightful. And you can enjoy the chocolate knowing the positive impact it’s made for 20+ years.

When you buy chocolate from Divine Chocolate, you are partnering with 85,000+ Ghanese farmers who are members of the Kuapa Kokoo Co-Operative. These farmers receive 44% of all profits thus enabling them to invest back in their local villages, farms, and families. In addition, you are helping give a global voice to these farmers as their chocolate is purchased and consumed in marketplaces around the world.


Some people love shopping for groceries, and some decidedly don’t, but either way our Faithbox Bag O’ Joy will help make the experience a little more fun. With
integrated pockets to hold bottles so they don’t bang together or crush the tomatoes, the sturdy cotton/canvas bag helps you stay organized heading down the aisles or heading out for a picnic.

Using this bag to shop also means you can consume fewer disposable plastic or paper bags, helping to reduce your impact on the environment. And hey, what’s more joyous than being a good steward of God’s creation?

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