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Our boxes always Includes our impact guide to explain all items in the box plus our spiritual inventory card. Follow along with our 31 day  Everyday Faith Devotional based on Grief. ...


Our boxes always Includes our impact guide to explain all items in the box plus our spiritual inventory card. Follow along with our 31 day  Everyday Faith Devotional based on Grief. 

Slammed: Overcoming Tragedy in the Wave of Grief

Andrea Maher

Divorce, death, injury, betrayal, loss and a host of other life-altering tragedies are the unanticipated storms that shake us to the core and often leave us drowning in the sea of despair, disillusionment, and devastation.

Author Andrea Maher, is very familiar with these scenarios as she has been “slammed” several times in her life. In Slammed, she shares her personal journey through pain, loss, and shocking devastation, and she reveals how God has been faithful through it all. Reading through Slammed will encourage you and motivate you to remain calm and fearless as you move forward in your journey through grief.

A single action is worth a thousand actions

Hand-carved Engraved Kenyan Stones

Ten Thousand Villages

Small stones made with love and thoughtfulness, intended to encourage you and inspire you no matter what you face in your life. Shaped into hearts a world away by local Kenyan artisans, these stones can bring encouragement to your heart when you’re having a tough day.

Made from Kisii soapstone – a soft stone found only in Kenya – each stone is hand-carved and individually engraved by local Kenyan artisans. Over 1,200 Kenyans are hired, trained, and employed to carve these stones, providing a livable wage for the employee and their families. And with over 75% of production being shipped out as an export, this work provides a massive boost to the local economy as well.

Ten Thousand Villages was founded in 1946 with a mission to help and empower local “makers” in developing countries put food on the table, send children to school, provide a safe and warm home, and keep the family healthy. Since its inception, they have helped over 20,000 artisans earn over $140 million in sustainable income and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

When you go through dark valleys, He’ll lift you up.

Faithbox Motivational Cards- pack of 8 cards

Throughout the grief process, we all face moments of weakness and vulnerability. Often there is no explanation or reason. Some days are just harder than others, and that’s ok. We’ve designed these custom cards to encourage you when you’re feeling down.

Each card has a unique quote or scripture intended to encourage you and help cheer you up. If everything in your life is going great at this time, store them for when you are in need. If you’re in the midst of your grief, place them in easy-to-spot locations like your desk, mirror, of refrigerator. Or maybe you’d like to send one to a friend who is going through a hard time as an encouragement to them. However you use them is up to you!

Healthy snacks for you, life-saving nutrition for them.

Granola Bar

This Bar Saves Lives

Non-GMO, gluten free, fair trade, bee friendly and just about every other awesome thing you can think of! These give-back snacks are guaranteed to make you happy! Delicious, flavorful, and packed with nutrients, not only do these granola bars taste good, but they do good as well!

This Bar Saves Lives was started with a simple mission: to sell the best possible product stateside in order to send the best possible food aid to children around the world. Every time you buy a bar, This Bar Saves Lives give life-saving nutrition to a child in need.

This Bar Saves Lives is one of the fastest growing impact brands in the nation. To date, This Bar Saves Lives has provided over 3.3 million nutrient packets, impacting thousands of lives around the world!

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