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  Our boxes always Includes our impact guide to explain all items in the box plus our spiritual inventory card. Follow along with our 31 day  Everyday Faith Devotional based on...

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Our boxes always Includes our impact guide to explain all items in the box plus our spiritual inventory card. Follow along with our 31 day  Everyday Faith Devotional based on Happiness. 

This box does not contain a published book. 

Custom Leather Everyday Faith Devotional Cover

produced by Haiti Madewww.haitimade.com

**Your box will contain a black cover. This month’s box features one of our favorite products, from one of our favorite organizations (Haiti Made) and we think you’re going to love it! Haiti Made was founded out of a deep desire to provide sustainable and dignified employment for the Haitian people. Nearly 60% of the Haitian population lives off less than $2 per day, thus fueling the massive crises of orphans and child slavery that exists on the island. Haiti Made was started to help combat these issues by providing trade, work, and skills that allows healthy families and homes.

This custom, leather Everyday Faith devotional cover, is sourced and handcrafted in Haiti. Haiti Made tanners have embossed the Faithbox logo on the front of the cover and created it to easily slip over the Faithbox Everyday Faith devotionals.

Haiti Made currently has over 50 employees working in different areas and producing various products. For every job Haiti Made provides, up to 10 people are supported. When you purchase products from Haiti Made, not only are you guaranteed to get something of quality, but you can be sure that you are supporting entire communities!

Garbage stinks; Saving the environment rocks!

Eco-Friendly Glass Water Bottle with sleeve. 

Nearly 40 million plastic bottles end up in landfills across the U.S. each year. And the most recent global statistics indicate that we are now purchasing almost 1,000,000 plastic bottles per minute and about 91% of those bottles do not get recycled! Each bottle takes about 400 years to decompose on its own naturally, which means we are filling our oceans and our planet with exorbitant amounts of waste.

And that’s just not the Faithbox way! We started as a company desiring to help empower Christians to be at the forefront of making an impact in the way they shop and purchase. We believe that we have a responsibility to make sure that the products we use and consume are manufactured with God’s people and God’s creation in mind.

That’s why we’re providing this eco-friendly, reusable, glass bottle in this month’s box. This bottle is made of high borosilicate glass, meaning it is extra durable and will not shatter all while withstanding wide ranges of heat and cold. Each time you use your new bottle, you’re contributing to the solution by eliminating unnecessary plastic waste.

“Rejoice” Recycled Tin Magnets

produced by Anchored In Hopewww.anchoredinhopehaiti.com

Inside you’ll find one-of-a-kind art pieces that are handmade in Haiti by Haitian artisans. Using recycled oil drums, Haitian artists chisel, cut, pound and polish the tin by hand. The end result is stunning! Each piece is full of detail, highlighting this unique art and craft. The mission behind Anchored in Hope is to empower these talented Haitian artists, allowing them to provide for their families with dignity. Our desire is to inspire hope for a better tomorrow through our reliance on the anchor that we have in Jesus Christ.

Shortly after visiting Haiti on a mission trip, Jessica Burmester returned home to Minnesota, quit her job and planned on moving back to the country she fell in love with. She moved to Haiti in 2012 to live and serve the people of Haiti. Though the island has a history of brokenness, it is rich in beauty and potential. After a couple of years, Jessica founded Anchored In Hope as a way to empower local artisans with skill, employment, and dignity.

As Anchored In Hope has grown their business, so has their impact. Beyond providing employment and income, Anchored In Hope has also begun a scholarship program to help provide for children to go to school and receive a proper education.

Contains a 10pc Vinyl Sticker Sheet  

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