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WISDOM Faithbox

$31.41 $36.95

Every person faces decisions, situations, and choices that require wisdom. Some circumstances are easier to navigate, while others are more complex and challenging to work through which causes us to search for wisdom, guidance, and answers.

Someone once defined Wisdom as “being good at life.” While that definition is in the right direction, Wisdom involves a little more than that. True Wisdom is more than being good at life, it’s about walking in the ways of God and following His guidance for your life. And that's what this Faithbox is all about!

This Month's Faithbox includes:

  • Our custom-written, Everyday Faith Devotional
  • Better Decision, Fewer Regrets book by Andy Stanley
  • Reusable travel bamboo cup by SIPS
  • Kenyan Black Tea by Ajiri Tea
  • Words of Wisdom card from Primitives by Kathy
  • 28-Month Pocket Planner from DaySpring